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Extremely thin - Internationally patented

Aluminum PVT panel designed to be manufactured in high volume at lower cost by integrating with existing PV manufacturer lines.


Sleek design

Offers multiple mounting options and easy installation using standard racking. The first PVT panel that can be economically deployed for commercial applications.

For the END-USER

A more efficient system

Captures and provides more electricity and hot water at lower cost and faster payback while protecting against the volatility of and dependency on fossil fuel.

Harness greater power from the sun using Tyll PVT systems that provide MORE renewable energy at LOWER cost with a FASTER return-on-investment than PV alone for most commercial and industrial applications.

Tyll Solar PVT solar panels combine an internationally patented heat collector with generic PV cells to create an integrated solar panel that increases electrical output with additional thermal energy.

Compared to PV alone, Tyll Solar PVT systems offer more:

A BETTER SYSTEM – About 80% of the sun’s energy is converted to usable heat or electricity, compared to only 15-22% efficiency with PV panels alone where the balance of solar radiant heat is lost. Tyll Solar PVT panels capture much of that wasted heat, converting it into usable energy by generating hot water.

5X MORE ENERGY – Tyll Solar PVT panels produce 553% MORE energy than traditional PV – generating both electricity and hot water – using an identical surface area, as tested by the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. Download the case study here.

FOR EXAMPLE: A Single TYLL SOLAR 1,500 Watt Panel Generates:

HEAT OUTPUT: 1,200 Watts*

MORE EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE – Higher electrical performance is achieved by cooling the PV layer (around 10% more annually / about 30% more during peak summer months).

LOWER COST / FASTER PAYBACK – Payback is about 5 years or less, with free energy thereafter for at least an additional 15 years (based on an anticipated life-expectancy of 20 years). Tyll PVT systems reduce fossil fuel consumption, protect against grid outages and price increases and eliminate interference to existing operations.

SMALLER FOOTPRINT – One Tyll PVT system provides most or all electricity needs plus the benefit of hot water / space heating. No need for two separate systems. Ideal for commercial buildings and industrial processes that utilize electricity and hot water year-round.

Our uniquely designed PVT Panel can be produced at a high volume by any PV manufacturer without additional equipment AND can be easily and less expensively installed with standard racking.

*under Standard Test Conditions (STC)

What is PVT?


Read Honeywell’s recently published case study detailing the efficiencies achieved by Tyll Solar by utilizing Honeywell’s “jetflux” technology. Download the case study here. For detailed information from Honeywell, click here.

Honeywell Case Study

Tyll Solar PVT in the Field

Rooftop installation

Tyll Solar Gen II prototype PVT panels installed on the roof of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at Rochester Institute of Technology

Tyll Solar has worked with academic institutions and engineering firms to optimize several iterations of solar PVT panels over the last few years as a collaborative project between a multi-disciplinary team of industry experienced engineers, technicians and research scientists. Tyll Solar Gen II prototype PVT panels have been built and installed on the roof of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at Rochester Institute of Technology with impressive results.

Stephen P. Shea, PhD, of Tyll Solar, explains the involvement of NYSP21 and the Golisano Institute in the design process.

Proven Results

  • Improved cooling of the PV cells

  • Increased electrical output

  • More efficient heat removal

  • Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Easier installation

About 80% of the Sun’s energy utilized.

Over 5X the total energy delivered as compared to PV alone in the same footprint.

Competitive Payback.

Jay Fischer

“The Solar CHP market has always been small because of the costs involved in deploying the technology. Our product is the first to economically serve the commercial, large-array market.”

Jay Fischer, CEO / Chairman, Tyll Solar

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