Tyll 1500 W Module Specifications

A single Tyll Solar Combined Heat and Power (sCHP) 1500 Module provides:

  • Electricity: Rated Power 350 Wp under Standard Test Conditions (STC)

  • Heat: Rated Power 1,200 Wth

  • Total combined power of >1,500 W under Thermal Standard Test Conditions (T-STC)

  • Fully-integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (PV-T) collector mounts on standard PV racking

  • Standard electrical connections

  • Tyll Solar plug and play fluid connections for rapid and rugged installation

  • Cool running solar cells provide higher electrical energy yield

  • Heat energy more than 4X electrical energy

Rooftop installation
Peak Electrical Power (W @ STC) 350
Power Tolerance -0/+5
Voltage at Peak Power (VMP) 68.8
Current at Peak Power (IMP) 5.1
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 82.7
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 5.43
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Maximum System Voltage 1,500 V
Temperature Coefficient of PMAX -0.36 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient of VOC -0.30 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient of ISC +0.05 %/°C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 45 +/- 2°C
Number of Solar Cells 120 Half Cells
Cell Material Mono-crystalline Silicon
Cell Dimensions 156.75 mm Full Square (G1)
Module Length 1706 mm
Module Width 1006 mm
Module Thickness 40 mm
Orientation Landscape
Weight (Est.) 35 kg
Front Cover Low-Iron Strengthened Solar Glass
Body Material Aluminum
J-Box3x 3xIP68
Electrical Connector MC4
Fluid Connector Tyll Solar Proprietary
Per Pallet 26 Pieces, 910 kg
Per Container (40′ HQ) 676 Pieces
Thermal Power (W @ TTC) 1,200 W
Aperture Area 1.7 m2
Volume of Liquid 5.7 liters
Heat Transfer Liquid Propylene Glycol/Water
Nominal Fluid Flow 0.04 liter/s
Certifications Pending
Test Conditions

Solar Spectrum – AM1.5 for all test conditions
STC – 1,000 W/m2 irradiance, 25°C cell temperature, wind speed < 1 mph
TTC – 1,000 W/m2 irradiance, 25°C ambient
NOCT – Module temperature at 800 W/m2 irradiance, 20°C ambient

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